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Cadavre Esquis 

Cadavre Esquis is an online collaboration of musicians from the freejazz.orgcommunity.  If you would like to participate, this will be your first port of call, as all of us are registered members there (it's free, don't worry), and pages at freejazz.org are used to discuss the contents of Cadaver Esquis.

Once you're registered there, let me know you're in by emailing me (click here for the form, or find it on the whi music home page), and begin. Download a file you like the sound of, and add your contribution to it; there are a few quality guidelines, which i will email to you when you join. Then email the file back to me, and i'll renumber it and fit it into the hierarchy where it should go. You don't have to work always with the most recent or the most developed track; if you don't like what someone has added, or you don't feel there's enough room for what you want to do, then you can download an earlier version with fewer layers, and work with that.

phil hargreaves
Liverpool May 2007